Quarter-aged Venezuelan girl. In the middle of a battle to finish my Computer Engineering degree and Not loosing my mind.
Tennis player and occasional drawer. Lover of music, books and videogames.
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LOVE this show… LOVE james spader… megan boone’s character needs to die… her acting reminds me of a giant wooden spoon… IMO

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Puppies 😱

Oh, I wouldn’t mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars (via extramadness)


This is Stannis Baratheon. The man will fight to the bitter end and then some.

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Maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars (via extramadness)


Artwork for Mayr-Melnhof Packaging byGerlinde Gruber

on Behance

untitled, 2014
 Cardboard on Wood
800 x 400 cm

My goal is to create specialised packaging designs highly inspired by their contents.

I love solving given challenges by making the packaging part of the product experience and delivering the clients’ message in a unique way. Products will be recognisable and reliably dressed without unnecessary design to preserve product authenticity. My packaging designs are characterized by cleverness and a surprising simplicity.

Furthermore I can support you in redesigning and optimizing your existing solutions. Even small changes in die-cut and choice of materials can increase efficiency and sustainability of your packagings. 

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